The Four Harmonies - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Which makeup colors look best on you? Are you confident the colors you choose go together? Our “Complete Makeup Collections” "Complete Makeup Collections” are designed to take the guesswork out of choosing color. Each color in each collection is in harmony with the others. The blush works with the lipstick, which in turn goes with every other color in the collection. Lipstick, Lip Liner, Blush Guide

We formulate these colors by taking into account each color’s hue, value and intensity to determine how it relates to skin tone and bone structure. If the result is pleasing to the eye, we have achieved color harmony. This harmony engages the viewer and creates a balance in the visual experience. The wrong color makeup is visually displeasing, and your skin appears grey, yellow, sallow or even green. Our “Complete Makeup Collections” are broken down into four basic categories, or harmonies: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Everyone falls into one of these harmonies.

Spring Harmony: Skin tone is clear and cheerful. Facial features are rounder and more even. Colors are light, bright, cheerful, whimsical and fresh. The palette contains pastel colors as well as dark colors. The overall effect is animated.

Summer Harmony: Skin tone is pale. Facial features are soft, cool and gentle with very little contrast. Colors are soft, muted, peaceful, shimmery, cool and blended. The colors are mixed with grey. The overall effect is subtle.

Fall Harmony: Skin tone is olive or opaque – earthy. Facial features are more angular and well defined. Colors are rich, radiant, warm and texturized. The colors are mixed with brown. The overall effect is earth toned.

Winter Harmony: Skin tone is clear and sparkles like moonlight. Facial features have high contrast. Colors are intense, brilliant, dazzling and pure. Palettes contain very light as well as very dark colors. Colors are vivid and are not mixed with much of either grey or brown. The overall effect is striking – Black and White!